Types of Hearing tests

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation 

A comprehensive hearing evaluation is the

general test done. This tells the audiologist the

frequency (Hz) and hearing level (dB) that the

patient is able to hear at. The results are put

onto an audiogram which is a visual

representation of the results. This allows for a

basic understanding on the patients hearing

abilities and a start at finding a solution. 

A person should get their hearing tested every two years after the age of 50. This is typically when hearing begins to decline and getting ahead of hearing loss can help to reduce frustration with it later on. Marston Hearing Center, LLC offers free two year hearing tests after the initial hearing examination. This is our way to help our patients keep up with their hearing. 

During this evaluation an otoscopy test is usually performed which is a visual inspection of the external ear canal and ear drum. This allows the audiologist to see if there are any issues with the ear drum or ear canal such as infections or tears.


Tympanometry and Immittance


A tympanometry is an examination done to test the condition of the middle ear and the mobility of the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The test is done by placing a probe-type device in the ear canal which changes the air pressure and makes the eardrum move back and forth in the process. The device records the results and allows for the audiologist to diagnose issues in the middle ear such as:

  • fluid in the middle ear

  • middle ear infection

  • tear in the eardrum

  • issues with the Eustachian tube

The test takes around a minute per ear and is sensitive so movement, talking, and swallowing during the test may result in skewed results.​

Acoustic immittance testing evaluates the eardrum and the middle ear space behind the eardrum, as well as a muscle reflex that involves the eardrum and middle ear, the inner ear, the auditory nerve, the auditory brain stem pathways and the facial nerve. Acoustic immittance testing helps to localize what part of the ear may be involved in hearing loss.

Industrial Hearing Test

Marston Hearing Center is a certified office to complete hearing examinations that comply with OSHA standards

To learn more about industrial hearing tests, click this link