Communication is Key and Your Hearing is Our #1 Concern

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Your Local Audiologist

Our Experienced Staff And Hearing Experts Are At Your Service

Marston Hearing Center has specialized in providing audiological services since 1975. We currently offer comprehensive hearing evaluations, audiologic testing and consulting services. Our goal is for our patients to have a clear understanding of their particular hearing abilities, protection of residual hearing and a complete knowledge of the options available to address their hearing needs.

Hearing Check-Up

Hearing is a very important tool that will sadly decline as we age, especially over the age of 55. Through regular hearing check-ups we are able to keep an eye on your hearing and try to catch any issues before they can cause serious problems.

Hearing Aid Dispensing, Fitting, and Repairs

If you have some hearing loss and are looking for options to improve your hearing then we have a wide variety of options for you.

Ear Impressions and Ear Plugs

Loud music at concerts, mowing the yard, working with power tools, and much more can cause serious harm to your hearing. That is why we make custom fitting ear plugs for any situation. Whether you are a musician or a hunter, we have ear plugs for you.

Videos to Help 

The button below links to some videos on how to replace your batteries, domes, and filters. If you have any other questions please feel free to call us at (785) 843-8479.

Our Goal

Communication Is Key And Your Hearing Is Our #1 Concern

At Marston Hearing Center LLC, our priority is to provide our patients with beneficial solutions to their hearing problems. Whether you are in need of custom earplugs to reduce harmful sounds or are in need of hearing aids to help hear sounds, we are here to help. Our audiologist and hearing specialists perform initial hearing tests to get a baseline of your hearing capabilities, and recommend followup hearing exams every two years to help our patients keep on top of their hearing health. Our audiology clinic is here to ensure that you get the best hearing help from our knowledgeable and caring staff.


Bill and Terri

We highly recommend the professional, very friendly and caring staff. There is no pressure to buy. They truly do what is best for the patient. Thank you for a very positive experience. Bill & Teri


The doctor is an awesome audiologist! He has helped me with my aids for 12 years now. I highly recommend this clinic!


This is the best place to get your hearing aid repair, or to get a new one. I consider they are extremely professional, they help you with your issues and they are always helpful and they do care about you. I will always come to this place to get my hearing aids repaired.